Peas are Up!

Earlier this week I was walking my fields to see what was happening in my various spring plantings. Are the kale and chard plants over their shock of being outside and in the ground? Have they put on any new growth? Have the onions perked up yet since they’ve been transplanted. Is it time to start weeding. Most importantly, is the soil dry enough to till yet!?

In my wanderings I passed by my pea planting, a once-every-few-days ritual that began in mid April. I’ve been very suspicious of that planting for a few reasons; I had a horrible germination last year and the tractor seeders weren’t working during this year’s planting. After much threatening, the tractor seeders didn’t work right and I was out of fix-it ideas. I finally pulled my hand push seeder out of retirement and seeded the peas without the aid of a motorized vehicle.


During my pea check-ups I’ve almost been daring the little buggers not to sprout. And it almost seemed as though they were taking me up on that dare. Until this week! At first inspection I only found a few sprouts at the beginning of the field. I even dug down a little to confirm that the sprouts I was seeing were actually peas and not weeds masquerading as peas. To my delight, they were peas! “Whew,” I thought, ” at least they are starting to sprout.” Then I looked up and, lo and behold, there were three dense rows of pea sprouts just a little ways into the field! I was so happy I felt like doing a little jig right there. In fact, I think I might have. I wouldn’t put it past me.

Yay for spring! Yay for peas!


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