I Forgot!!-Additional Box Item

I can’t believe I forgot one of the box items! It’s even one of my favorites and not a well known vegetable. Whoops!

Kohlrabi– These are the funny shaped purple or green colored bulbs. They are in the broccoli family and the taste is like a sweet broccoli taste. I love these raw. They have a wonderful crunch and a cooling effect. You need to peel the hard skin from the bulbs. I like to eat them sliced with a little seasoned salt. A refreshing snack for the hot days ahead!


One response to “I Forgot!!-Additional Box Item

  1. Hi, Farmer Meg,
    It is hot today and I am thinking about you at Libertyville! Keep cool and hydrated! That’s what you always tell me!

    Car is getting back bumper work done today and will be available for the weekend.

    Love ya!

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