A Link Through the Ages: Week #9

This week we’ve been busy harvesting potatoes. Thankfully we got them all out before our little rainstorm in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning. This year the potato harvest was an adventure. I had a new potato digger to work with thanks to my dad’s determination and hard work. A couple of months ago my dad brought a very old potato digger back from the family farm that my cousins run in west central Illinois. How old is this potato digger? Old enough that it was originally designed to be pulled by horses! That’s right, this potato digger, which is basically a spade with a grate behind it and two handles, used to be hitched up to a big draft horse. It required two people, one to drive the horse and one to manipulate the digger. My dad saw that old piece of machinery and saw a possibility to help his daughter get those potatoes in quickly this year!

So, after much sanding off of rust, adding a couple wheels and replacing some bolts, the potato digger found it’s way up to Grayslake and onto my farm. I was a little apprehensive at first, wondering if this machine was going to create more work rather than less. Well, we tried it out this week with some moderate success. We did manage to break one wheel on the digger, but thankfully it stayed on long enough to finish the potatoes! We had to also do a little hand digging to get some of the potatoes out as well. But overall, it was definitely a back saver and we had a good time trying to figure out just how to get this thing to do its job. Hurray for new life on old machinery!

Enjoy the box! This week’s theme is SALSA!!

What’s in the Box:

Tokyo Bikana– This Asian green has a wonderful mild flavor and I use it as a replacement for lettuce. It has a slightly different flavor, but is crunchy and a green that will grow in the heat.

Carrots– More of these tasty and funny shaped carrots.

Potato-Another round of these great potatoes!

Sweet Onions– These onions are great in any dish, raw or cooked. Keep in the fridge because these have not been “cured” or dried.

Tomato– The first of the tomatoes! Here’s a mix of the red and yellow tomatoes that are finally ready! I love the little yellow ones since they have less acidity than the red ones. Store tomatoes on the counter if they’re not quite ready yet and put them stem side down. They’re more sturdy that way and don’t get moldy.

Bell Peppers– the first of the peppers are ready! Right now they are still green, but eventually they’ll turn orange, red, and yellow.

Basil– remember to keep this fragrant herb in a glass of water on your counter. The fridge is just too hot.

Cilantro– another great and fragrant herb. Salsa anyone?


Fresh Tomato Salsa– from allrecipes.com, you can leave out the serrano peppers for a mild version

Balsamic Roasted Baby Potatoes and Carrots– from food.com

Steak Fajitas– from simplyrecipes.com

Balsamic Tomato Basil Pasta– from food.com


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