Livin’ On a Prayer (We’re Halfway There) Week #10

This week we hit the halfway mark in the CSA! Can you believe it? We’ve had ten weeks of veggies now and we’ve got ten more weeks ahead of us. Are you humming a certain Bon Jovi song now? Well I hope some of you are, because I certainly am. And yes, I definitely feel like the farm is living on a prayer. But so far, so good. Plus, the tomatoes are ripening, so life is good!

This week the CSA is getting a little assist from the Learning Farm at Prairie Crossing. There are multiple farms all inside Prairie Crossing, including Wild Goose Farm. One is an education-based nonprofit that works with elementary through high school students. This summer they are having a bumper bean crop, so I am taking advantage! This week we’ll have green beans supplied by the Learning Farm.

It’s been great farming next to a bunch of other organic vegetable farms. We can commiserate about the weather and bugs, share little tricks we’ve learned over the season, strategize on common problems, compare notes and just have a good laugh. At times we’re able to help out one another with crop shortages too. I’ve really enjoyed the other farmers around me through the years. We’re great people, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Enjoy the box this week!

What’s in the Box:

Green Beans– Thanks to the Learning Farm we get this summer favorite. I love them steamed with a little butter and salt.

Purslane-This succulent green is high in omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene! You can use it fresh in salads, add it to your taco fillings or lightly cook like spinach. You won’t even realize you’re eating weeds from the farm!

Celery– Ever had fresh celery before? This will put the grocery store version to shame. It actually has flavor!

Carrots- I hope you enjoy the funny shapes of these carrots as much as I do. They will store better if you remove the greens.

Potatoes– These yellow potatoes are incredibly creamy. I don’t even bother peeling them since the skin is so thin. They’re my favorite kind of potatoes.

Sweet Onions– More of these awesomely versatile onions!

Juliet Tomatoes– These tomatoes look like a mini plum tomato and are absolutely wonderful. They have their own distinct tomato flavor with less juice and more meat. They are wonderful in salads, just like the recipe below!

Slicing Tomatoes– Enjoy the mix of colors, sizes and shapes. Remember that tomatoes are ready to eat if they give slightly when you squeeze them gently. Store on the counter with the stem side down.

Garlic-You can store this garlic either in the fridge or on the counter.

Parsley– This herb is super high in vitamin C and adds a bright and fresh flavor to any dish.


Purslane Potato Salad– from another CSA farm, Hidden Villa

Huevos con Verdolagas (Eggs with Purslane)– from, a great new egg dish

Fancy Green Beans– from Paula Deen at, guess what, it’s got bacon!

Flank Steak with Bloody Mary Tomato Salad– from, use the juliet tomatoes in this week’s box instead of the cherry tomatoes. I just love the idea of this dish!


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