Tomato Season: Week #11

Well, shoot! I can’t complain about the weather anymore. We’ve had rain and it’s cooled off. What in the world am I going to write about this week now?

The tomatoes are definitely taking over the daily tasks now. If we’re not harvesting them, then we are tying them up onto their stakes, weeding the walking aisles or I’m spraying them with some deliciously smelly organic fertilizer made of ground up fish parts. (The tomatoes love it, I do not.) The tomato plants are already 5 ft tall and are promising to grow even more. It’s an amazing sight, especially since last year my tomato plants struggled so much. Last year we had a huge rain in July and I had standing water in my tomato field. That resulted in either dead tomato plants or stunted ones. Well, that was last year. This year the tomato plants look fabulous and they are keeping us very busy.

Of course we  only work in the tomato field after 10 am. We do this to avoid working among the plants when they might be wet still from the morning dew. We don’t work in the tomatoes when they are wet. That way we avoid transmitting possible diseases from plant to plant. Tomatoes are susceptible to many diseases in the midwest so we do our best to limit their exposure. They’re just to precious! Thankfully in dry summers like we’re having diseases are a minimal risk. Still, it’s good to be careful!

Enjoy the box!!

What’s in the Box:

Cabbage– great tasting, smaller heads of cabbage.

Yellow Potatoes– creamy tomatoes that are wonderful mashed with a little butter and garlic

Beets– delicious red beets. Excellent with goat cheese!

Celery– fresh, flavorful celery goes well in almost anything. Check out the awesome tomato basil bisque recipe below. One of the secret ingredients= celery!

Tomatoes– another mix of colorful tomatoes. Remember to store them stem side down and keep them out of the fridge and on the counter if you can. They keep their flavor better that way.

Sweet Onions– these onions are wonderful in any dish. Use them raw or carmelize them on the stove. I just can’t get enough of them.

Garlic– another round of this great tasting garlic! Have I mentioned how much I love garlic?

Confetti Basil– this week’s basil bunch is a mix of my red and green varieties. The red basil has a great basil flavor with a little peppery finish. I love the colors together. They will make any dish stand out!


Chunky Tomato Basil Bisque– from, I used fresh tomatoes (about 8) and omitted the tomato paste and red bell pepper. It was awesome!

Italian Peasant Soup with Cabbage, Beans and Cheese– from Time to celebrate the cool weather with this hearty soup!

Creamy Cabbage and Potato– from A wonderful take on the Irish dish colcannon. Very simple and very tasty.

Beet and Goat Cheese Crostini- from You can wrap the beets in foil and roast on a tray instead of in a covered dish. Soooo yummy.

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