Locally Grown Ginger?! Week #18

That’s right! There’s ginger in the CSA box this week and I grew it. Growing ginger has become a bit of a fad among CSA and fresh market farmers. I first heard about it two years ago at a farm conference. I was ready to sign up then, but unfortunately I had missed the planting time. Not so this year! During the bleak midwinter days I put in my order for organic ginger root at a farm in Hawaii. I thoroughly enjoyed the oddness of it all.

Ginger Roots on Heating Mats

Later on in March the ginger roots came. They looked pretty much like the ginger you get at the store (but not sprayed with an anti-sprouting agent). I tucked the roots in a tray, under a layer of potting soil and set the trays on a heating mat to trick the roots into thinking they were still in sunny Hawaii.

I eventually put them in large grow-bags (heavy duty plastic bags with drain holes) and kept them watered throughout the year. They sprouted and grew to the point that it looked like I was raising a little jungle! Now they’re ready for your table. Enjoy!

Ginger in a Grow bag

Baby Ginger!

By the way, did you know the “?!” has a name?! It’s called the interrobang. It’s my new favorite word. Try using it in a sentence. No, I don’t mean using the punctuation at the end of the sentence. I mean using the word “interrobang” in a sentence!

***FYI- for those of you who pick up in Grayslake, the pick up site is changing! I will email you the address. Thanks for your cooperation. ****

What’s in the Box:

Ginger – Yep, that’s right. That’s ginger in your box this week! The ginger has a pink hue because it is so young. It also does not have the hard skin like the store ginger. Therefore, no peeling necessary! Time to make an amazing stir fry!

Cauliflower/Broccoli– The cauliflower is just starting to size up so some boxes may have a combination of cauliflower and broccoli.

Spinach– Yay! The spinach is back (at least for this week). Enjoy in salads or saute lightly. I love it in an omelette.

Lettuce– Now that we’ve had cooler weather for a while we have lettuce again!

Radish– Speaking of cooler weather crops, radishes are making a comeback. You will get either a multicolor bunch of radishes or all red ones. Remember, these are the ones with a little heat!

Tomato– I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have these guys, but as long as they keep growing, I’ll keep putting them in the box. Hooray for tomatoes in October!

Purple Top Turnip- These are the big round bulbs with, you guessed it, the purple tops. They are the traditional fall turnip. Peel the outer skin first and roast with other root vegetables. They are also good in stews. Perfect for this weekend cold snap!

Leek-This mild member of the onion family is great in soups, stir fries, or any dish that calls for onions. Remember to use all the white and light green parts and to rinse well under the tap.

Celeriac- This is the knobby root in your box. It has a great celery flavor and is used in soups and roasted dishes. It pairs well with potatoes and the purple top turnips. Don’t forget to peel the outer skin first!


Turnip and Potato Patties– from simplyrecipes.com

Roasted Turnips, Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Dried Cranberries– from myrecipes.com

Celeriac and Ginger Soup– from straightfromthefarm.net

Cauliflower and Celeriac “mashed potatoes”– from kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com,

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