Closing Up: Week #20

All of a sudden it’s that time of year when we’re working on the last harvests and on closing down the farm for the year. The irrigation hoses are all reeled up and ready for winter. Each day a little more row cover is rolled into balls and the sandbags that held the cover down are piled behind the shed. Today we focused on fastening the sides of the hoop house. During the summer we had raised the plastic sides so that it wouldn’t get too hot. Of course “too hot” was impossible to avoid this summer. But we tried. Now the sides are all snug and ready for the winter storms to blow.

We’re also working on cleaning up the tomato field. The tomato plants are all dead and leaning over. We’ve cut the twine that had been a part of the trellising and today we’ve started pulling out the metal stakes that held up the twine. It’s a long job and one I am eager to finish before it turns wickedly cold and wet.

I have to admit I am happy to do the fall cleaning. It means it’s almost time for some well earned rest. I’m exhausted. I will miss going to the farmers markets and seeing the friends I’ve made there. I will miss see you all at the various pick up sites. But I am also happy to get a break, especially from such a crazy year as this has been.

Thanks for all your support over the past months. I appreciate the interest and concern you all took in the farm, especially when things got tough. It has been wonderful to share the season and the harvest with you all. Thank you so much.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the year. Enjoy the rest of the fall and the winter!

As always, enjoy the box!

What’s In the Box:

Carrots– Sweet fall carrots are some of my favorites! Enjoy these orange beauties.

Napa Cabbage– Use this cabbage in place of lettuce or the regular cabbage. It is sweeter and has a great crunch.

Leeks– I like to use these in place of onions. They have a wonderfully mild onion flavor.

Salad Mix– A beautiful mix of red and green lettuce leaves. Add a damp paper towel to keep hydrated in the fridge.

Broccoli-After the frosts we’ve had, this broccoli should be quite sweet!

Cauliflower– Another helping of this great veggie.

Kale– Check out the two ways of making kale chips below for a tasty, healthy snack.

Radish – These will add a pop of color to any dish!

Purple Top Turnip– This fall favorite is great in soups, stews, and roasted vegetable dishes.

Garlic– I think garlic makes everything better. (excepting desserts of course!)


Cauli Smash– from

Peanut, Carrot, and Cabbage Slaw– from

Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup– from

Vegetable Cornish Pasties– from

Kale Chips (slow)– from

Kale Chips (fast)– from

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