About Wild Goose Farm

Wild Goose Farm is a small, certified organic vegetable farm located in Grayslake, IL. I grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, which we sell through Farmers Markets and our CSA program. I am committed to sustainable farming practices and providing fresh and flavorful organic produce to our local communities.

The name, Wild Goose Farm, comes from different facets of my life; the meandering path I’ve taken in search of a vocation, my faith and a favorite poem by Mary Oliver. Life often feels like a wild goose chase; it’s always full of surprises and adventure. Farming is no exception!

Wild Goose Farm began in 2009 through a partnership with the Farm Business Development Center (FBDC) at the Prairie Crossing Farm.  The FBDC supports the growth of family farms and is dedicated to promoting local and regional food systems. Each year I’ve increased my space and markets, continuing to offer my customers a diverse selection of quality local organic food. I am also dedicated to providing our healthy produce to our local food pantries.

Come join the farm for a season full of fresh organic produce!

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